How it works

tagosi membership

As a member

After you buy the pack of 4 metal tags and enter your contact info, you will be able to buy extra items in the shop if you want to. Once they arrive, you simply need to attach them to your valuables, you don't need to do anything else, when you lose an item, it is protected by tagosi for life and you can be messaged as soon as someone finds something you have lost.

If you subscribe at £10 a year, you will receive the 'Big Pack' (8 x toys/clothes, 2 x metal keyrings, 4 x metal luggage/bag tags, 15 x tough stickers (suitable for tech, sports equipment, water bottles etc) and 2 x cards for purses/wallets), plus various new items every year after that (you can pick which new items you want once the payment has gone through.)

If you lose something

If you lose something

When someone finds a lost item of yours, they can scan the QR code or visit tagosi.com to send you a secure message & email through our system (or a phone call, if you have allowed that function). This means you are instantly notified of it’s whereabouts. Usually, this is soon after you have dropped something, so you can arrange to meet and be reunited quickly.

tagosi communication


As all communication is through our encrypted system, your details and the details of the person contacting you are not disclosed (unless you allow phone calls when subscribing). You can also update your contact info if it changes through our website. We have now partnered with the revolutionary what3words and incorporated their service into our chat feature, so if you or the ‘finder’ don’t know where you are, you can send your exact location to each other with the tap of a button (what3words have broken the world up into 3 metre squares that each have their own unique 3-word code).