After you have bought your items and logged your info with us, they will be posted to you. You can then attach them to your valuables. All products all include a unique code. If you lose something and a member of the public finds a lost item of yours, they can scan the QR code or go to tagosi.com and enter the code to send you a secure text message & email through our system that the item has been found (they can also call you, if you have enabled that function when you enter your info). This means that you will instantly know when it has been found and where you can meet to retrieve it.

You can get the tagosi peace of mind by either choosing to just buy selected items (such as 4 metal tags for £15) or by subscribing. If you subscribe at £10 a year, you receive the ‘Big Pack’ of 22-items (subscription also includes a smaller pack of items each year, which you choose once your annual payment goes through). There are no charges for any communication made between you and the person reuniting you with your property. Anytime you would like to buy more products (even if you subscribe), you can do so by logging in and going to the shop.

If you are a subscriber to tagosi, you can cancel the service at any point, but no refund will be offered for any remaining time left in that year’s cover..

Yes, your details are highly secure and encrypted in our system. In fact, we go above and beyond what is required by the UK’s GDPR regulations. We store the minimum information needed and no card or bank details at all. Your payments are handled via Stripe (the world leader in safe online transactions). All communication between you and the person who has found your property is through our system and anonymous (unless you select to allow mobile calls or decide to swap numbers to speak directly to them).

Yes, as all communication goes through our UK-based system, anyone finding your items will still be able to message you instantly.

Simply go to tagosi.com and log into your account to change or add to your contact info at any time. Obviously, it’s important that you do this if you change your mobile phone number or email as you need to ensure you will be contacted as soon as an item is found.

Again, simply go to tagosi.com and log into your account to order more products

If you have purchased a product that comes with tagosi attached to it, just go to the homepage and click the ‘register free item’ button. You will need to enter the unique code that came with your toy and add your contact details, you will then be sent your membership number to write onto the tagosi label. This cover is free for that toy for one year, but if you want to join tagosi and receive the full benefits and the full pack of products, you can do so at this point. We will also remind you via email when your free year is ending, to give you the option of continuing with the full service.